LOL: Obama’s Live President Trump “Hate Speech” Rally Draws Absolutely Pitiful Attendance Numbers

A speech carried live by most Corporate Media Tabloids which can be easily labeled as the resistance’s final stand against President Trump’s movement of change, drew absolutely horrendous crowd numbers.

In an era where where Presidential rallies have clearly identified concert like Rock Star numbers in regards to attendance, the beginning of former President Obama’s involvement the public resistance movement ahead of midterms delivered a crushing blow to it cause.

While Trump Rallies see attendance numbers that range from 5 to 15-thousand attendees on a constant basis and on many occasions cannot even accommodate thousands of others outside, the total number of people that attended former President Obama’s speech in Cali was less than a one thousand. 750 to be exact. Yes… a mier 750 people attended the speech that was fawned upon by Tabloids like CNN and similar corporate organizations.

The Gateway Pundit Reported:

Only 750 people showed up at his event in far left California! Far left George Soros related Think Progress reported over the weekend about former President Obama’s event in Anaheim, California –

“ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA — Former President Obama made his first campaign stop of the midterm elections in Orange County, California Saturday to stump for seven Democratic House candidates running in districts currently held by Republicans but that Hillary Clinton won in 2016. About 750 people attended the event at Anaheim Convention Center, where Obama delivered a short speech centered on unity and the “politics of hope.” And, after a story about getting kicked out of Disneyland when he was caught smoking in the Magic Kingdom after a concert as a teenager, Obama issued an impassioned critique of Trump and the state of American democracy and encouraged the crowd to back the candidates he came to support.”

Obama campaign rally in leftist California had a grand attendance of: 750 PEOPLE. @realDonaldTrump regularly fills massive arenas. MT got 12,000! Indiana got 11,000! West Virginia got 13,600! Obama could only get 750. Muh Blue Wave. #MAGA

— Alex Behzade (@ABPatriotWriter) September 8, 2018

With these staggering low numbers one thing is plainly certain, the support the media attempts to crutch up for the “Trump Resistance” in any way possible, is dwindling by the day.