Why Roxanne Pallett gave up Star Island early in significant fashion

She has actually been at the centre of much limelights just recently however things don’t appear to have actually changed in Roxanne Pallett’s newest stint on reality TV.After causing

debate in the Star Big Bro house when she wrongly accused fellow contestant Ryan Thomas of punching her a number of times, she was not far from the drama on last night’s Star Island With Bear Grylls.Roxanne, who gave up the Channel Five reality program after making the false claims, appeared on the program on Sunday, as 10 celebrities endure four weeks looking after themselves on a remote and unoccupied island – and went on to leave this program early too.Presented by survivalist Bear Grylls the program was shot back in May and Sunday’s first episode saw Roxanne exit prematurely after suffering flashbacks to a house fire she was caught in when she was younger.Last night’s episode saw the self-confessed drama addict’s very first 3 days where she practically drowned in a fishing net, thinks she has trench foot, turns versus the elderly Eric Roberts and has the traumatic panic attack.Some fans were not impressed by her go back to TV.One tweeted:”#celebrityisland delighted this is starting but how is Roxanne on?”

Another said:”WHY IS ROXANNE ON STAR ISLAND???????????? #CelebrityIsland.” Roxanne Pallett on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls The Celebrity Big Sibling star, who leaves the program after simply 5 days, is likewise branded a”silly cow”by ex-model Jo Wood on the Island.During the premiere of Bear Grylls ‘survival program on Channel 4, Julia Roberts’brother(star Eric Roberts)is left sceptical over Roxanne’s squeaming and sobbing.However ex-model Jo Wood is

the very first to voice her exasperation as Roxanne and Montana Brown bash limpets off the rocks for dinner.’ Punchgate’on Star Big Bro When Montana tells her to give the limpet a poke, Roxanne screams:”Oh my god it’s got a f *** ing eyeball. It’s looking at me!” With Jo nearby, Roxanne exclaims:”If

I had food in me I ‘d s *** myself!” Rolling her eyes, Jo states: “Ridiculous cow, truthfully!”A disgusted Roxanne relies on Montana and, pointing at the container of

limpets, asks:” You gon na consume that?!”Montana sighs:”

Babe, we don’t have a kebab store down the roadway! We don’t have much option. ” Roxanne during among her breakdowns on Star Big Sibling Later on, while slicing wood, Roxanne

exclaims happily:”I have actually developed into some Amazonian female and I do not care how I look or the state of my hair.”Eric then wryly asks:”Are you saying that for us or the camera?”Later on, Roxanne is tearful and states that she wants to go home. After discussing it with her campmates, she radios Bear Grylls’group to obtain her from there.Speaking on Jeremy Vine’s chat show on Channel Five, her campmate Pete Wicks stated they had a remarkable time with Roxanne when the scenes werefilmed back in Might, reports