WTF? There’s No Flag Planting Scene In Neil Armstrong Motion Picture

When Neil Armstrong planted an American flag on the surface area of the moon it was one of the greatest minutes in US history and among the proudest moment for all Americans. Hollywood made a biopic about Armstrong however decided not to include this historic achievement due to the fact that it was a little too patriotic. This is sort of making a motion picture about Ted Kennedy and neglecting the part where he killed a female. Oh wait, Hollywood did that too.

“First Man” is a film about American hero and first man on the moon Neil Armstrong. It premiered at the Venice Movie Celebration this week and the evaluations were typically positive. There is one thing a few people have a problem with: no flag planting scene. They cover Armstrong going to the moon, however picked not to show him planting the American flag on the moon.Canadian Ryan Gosling portrays Armstrong in the film and when he was asked why the flag scene was left out, this was his hoser response according to