‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’: That WTF Season 2 Ending Explained

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Marvel’s Iron Fist

So. Wow. Uh, so that happened!Netflix’s Marvel programs

are no stranger to big WTF endings. That’s when we discover who passes away, who actually didn’t die, who has powers now, or who might simply go wicked. Even as part of a franchise that’s mastered the art of the cliffhanger, Everything You Required

to Learn About Alice Eve’s Vicious Mary Walker’Iron Fist’on Netflix: Every Easter Egg and Marvel Recommendation in Season 2′ Marvel’s Iron Fist’ Post-Credits Gives First Take A Look At’Daredevil’Season 3 And that’s where we leave the season, with Danny Rand back in belongings of the Iron Fist(2 fists, mind you) and a pair of handguns that load a magical punch. This is absolutely bonkers however brace