Roxanne Pallett missing from Celebrity Big Bro final as she cannot deal with Ryan Thomas after punchgate scandal

Roxanne Pallett has actually missed out on the Celebrity Big Bro last in the wake of the punchgate scandal.The former Emmerdale starlet did not join her former housemates on the sidelines for tonight’s live final.Roxanne strolled from the CBB home after accusing Ryan of”

intentionally”and”repeatedly “punching her in the ribs and was greeted with an avalanche of fury.She then tearfully apologised and admitted she “got it wrong”on Jeremy Vine

‘s Channel 5 show and during a tough interview with Emma Willis after seeing back the footage.Roxanne cannot face Ryan on the night he left the house and is still yet to speak directly to him personally. Roxanne Pallett was missing from the CBB last

Roxanne did not return to speak to Emma Willis Her lack implied that Roxanne also managed to escape the wrath of the Huge Bro crowd for a 2nd time. The starlet decided to leave quickly after Ben Jardine was kicked out and exited through the back door. This meant she didn’t provided to deal with the CBB crowd, who had been chanting”get Roxy out”and loudly booing her name on the night she left.The harsh reception appeared to influence her choice

to leave the home in the early hours of the following early morning. Roxanne is yet to deal with Ryan Thomas

Roxanne Pallett was slammed for being a’professional victim’by inflamed Celebrity Island fans Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas’s CBB beef It appears Roxanne will not be returning to
the spotlight for an extremely long time after

sensationally stopping showbiz. Roxy has been

sacked from her Minster FM radio job and stepped down from her upcoming panto role.However, she has gone back to