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Former Indian Captain MS Dhoni along with wife also participated in Bharat Bandh

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On Monday, against the rising prices of petrol and diesel, the Congress has declared ‘Bharat Bandh’, which is supported by several other opposition parties. In this case, a picture on social media started viral, in which former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is seen sitting with his wife Sakshi Dhoni and some people on a petrol pump. On this picture, claims were made on social media that Dhoni has also participated in the bandh and because of this, he has come to the public on the petrol pump.

“Bharat Bandh” on Thursday to protest against SC/ST Act section 144 imposed in MP

Similar picture were uploaded on tweeter by Arun Thakur, but after a while he deleted this tweet. According to Arun’s Twitter profile, he is a resident of Shimla and belongs to the Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC) social media team.

The picture can be said at first sight that it has not been taken during the India shutdown. The picture was taken in the night while the show going on during the bandh was started on Monday morning. While searching on the internet, we did not receive any such news that Dhoni was referring to taking part in India’s closing band.

Searching on the Internet revealed that these photos were from August when Dhoni had gone to Shimla for an advertisement shoot with his family. During this time, he had spent some time on a gasoline pump present on the way. This gas station is located in Shimla’s Vikas Nagar.

Someone hacked Former BJP MP Tarun Vijay tweeter account tweeted in favor of Rahul Gandhi

When we talked to the owner of this petrol pump, he told us that Dhoni’s arrival was on August 29 this year. According to the petrol pump owner, his wife and some people were there along with Dhoni.

India wants to do trade business with Trump Government

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United States President Donald Trump has said that India wants to enter into a trade agreement with the US government despite its strong stance. The Trump Government wants to end subsidy that has been growing from the developing economies like India and China.

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America is a developing country in the eyes of President Trump, and he wants to move faster than any other country. Trump has often been accused by India of imposing 100 percent duty on American products.

According to the news agency PTI, Trump said, ‘The call came from India the second day. He said he wants to enter into a trade agreement for the first time. Although Trump did not tell who had called to whom.

On Friday, in a program in South Dakota, among his supporters, Trump said that he had not talked about it with the former government. They were happy with the things that were going on. ‘ Meanwhile, a US administration official has said that the US will continue to negotiate with India about India’s major military deal to buy S-400 missile defense system from Russia.

It is worth mentioning that India is planning to buy five S-400 triumph missile air defense systems in about 4.5 billion dollars from Russia. The US has banned the purchase of weapons from Russia under a law. In this way, India is being considered as a violation of this law by arms deal with Russia.

PM Modi leaves for Nepal On Thursday morning to attend BIMSTEC Summit

Trump said that if the countries like India and China are increasing rapidly then why can not the US? They said, ‘I told them, you have decided to enter into a trade agreement. When India and China are facing difficulties despite growing at 6, 7, 8 per cent speed, how can we stay at 1 per cent? ‘

Fans demanded to close popular serial “Silsila Badlte Rishton ka”

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Last year there was a lot of controversy about the serial ‘Pehredaar Piya ka ‘. In this serial romance were shown between a 19-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy and when limited were crossed. Fans demanded to close the serial. Earlier, the telecast timing of this serial was changed, then it was completely closed.

New twist in the Maha episode of TV Serial “Silsila Badalte Rishton ka”

After this, Fans recently demanded to close Ekta Kapoor’s serial ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’. Now fans are recently demandig to close popular serial of colors “Silsila Badlte Rishton ka”. Actually this serial is based on Extra Marital Affair story .Aditi Sharma, Drashti Dhami, Shakti Arora and Abhinav Shukla are playing main role in this serial

Two characters of serial Mauli (Aditi Sharma) and Kunal (Shakti Arora) have got love marriage, but when they meet their wife Nandini (Vision Dhummi), they find their love in him. In the last few days, this serial was shown to the close friends of Kunal and Nandini, who saw the light of the audience, and everyone started demanding to shut down the serial.

Former Bowler of Indian Cricket team to become part of Big Boss season 12

Only a few days ago, Shakti has shared a picture on social media, and by sharing the picture, the caption given by him, by seeing this you can easily understand that he is targeting trollers. Shakti has written in his caption with his picture if someone is not hating you, then it means that you are doing something boring. People are saying bad things on this post of Shakti.

Did India loose fourth day Oval test series because of not having this cricketer in the team

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On Monday, during fourth day of the Oval Test, Team India had the goal to all out England. But something happened just opposite to it . In the first session, the Indian team could not take a single wicket and kept on running the Root and Cook crease continued to score runs. During this time every Indian bowler was used but Ishant Sharma did not do bowling because he was out due to injury.

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On the first session of fourth day of the oval test 130 runs was score a single wicket did not fall. Ishant Sharma may also go out of the ground because of the desperate performance of Indian bowlers. Ishant thrashed just one over on Monday and after that he went out. According to the information, he had to go out of the ground due to problems in the stomach and he is undergoing treatment.

Ishant Sharma has taken 18 wickets for India in this series. In the first innings of the match, he got 31 wickets and took 3 wickets. But in the second innings of England, he could only bowl 8 overs, due to which India lacked a bowler. Apart from this, he has also hit the wicket of Alastair Cook in the same series many times, and because of being Ishant in front of Cook, India could have prevented him from making such a big score.

After Bharat Bandh Price of petrol diesel raised on Tuesday

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Against the continuous increase in oil prices, the Congress call Bharat Bandh on Monday but the price of petrol and diesel are not down. On Tuesday, prices of petrol and diesel have again increased. In Delhi, prices of both petrol and diesel have gone up by 14 paise.

Price of petrol increases 31 paise and diesel 39paise. Check out the price of other cities

Now in Delhi, the price of petrol has gone up to Rs 80.87, while the price of diesel has been increased to Rs 72.97 per liter. At the same time, in Mumbai, petrol prices have increased by 14 paise and diesel prices have increased by 15 paise. Petrol in Mumbai is now Rs 88.26 per liter, while diesel is getting 77.47 rupees per liter.

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On Monday, the price of petrol in Delhi was 23 paise and the price of diesel was increased by 22 paise.

Significantly, prices of petrol have increased by more than Rs 10 in Delhi since January. On January 1, the price of petrol was Rs 69.97 per liter, which is now Rs 80.87 per liter.

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