WTF MSM !? MSNBC visitor on Mollie Tibbetts: ‘A girl in Iowa’

Revolting …

Not actually a surprise … The left-wing media has been caught up in the Russian collusion narrative for 2 years now. And yesterday was a special day for them, when 2 of President Donald Trump’s associates became convicted felons, mainly for criminal offenses that had absolutely nothing to do with Trump. The one case with ties to Trump was Michael Cohen pleading guilty to a project financing offense for paying off Stormy Daniels, something that LevinTV host Mark Levin describes Mainstream media characters were aghast that Fox News and conservative outlets would dare cover the news of the arrest over the convictions of Trump associates.Is this truly a

surprise? The media has a narrative, and it must push it at any cost.It worsens

Not material to simply be upset with Fox’s coverage, some on traditional outlets believed it essential to assault Tibbetts herself. Take for circumstances Fordham University Teacher Christina Greer, who said on MSNBC last night:

I make certain we’ll hear exactly what he needs to state about this at his– his rally, but Fox News is discussing, you know, a lady in Iowa and not this, right!.?.!? And, tomorrow early morning, we understand he’ll wake up in tweak and sort of, you understand, besmirch the credibility of Michael Cohen and all the people around him then go back to Mueller. And this has, clearly, been come down to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. (Focus added.)

“A girl in Iowa.” Who just takes place to be dead, supposedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant who ought to not have actually been in this country.Let’s BATTLE BACK together … … versus the mainstream

media’s prejudiced reporting, selective truths, and straight-out propaganda. Register now for the day-to-day dose of sunshine you have to decontaminate the media’s lies. It’s free!Links … Here’s what I have actually read over the

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