Jasleen Chose Her Clothes & Makeup Over Anup; Twitter Trolled Her Left And Right

Bigg Boss 12 is going great with exciting twists, heated arguments, interesting fights, entertaining tasks and new controversies regularly. We all know that the makers have come up with a unique concept of “Vichitra Jodis” this season and the pair that is getting attention of people the most is undoubtedly that of Bhajan king Anup Jalota and his girlfriend Jasleen Matharu. The reason for the same is a huge age gap of 37 years between them; while Anup is of 65, Jasleen is just 28 years old.

We all have seen them indulging in PDA quite often; Anup has sung songs for Jasleen and praised here, whereas she has kissed him in front of all housemates and even dressed in bikini and asked him, “How do you like this mermaid?”
However in last night’s episode, we got to see a different side of this love story when the nominations task took place inside the Bigg Boss house.

As per the task, singles will kidnap one member of a Jodi while the other member will be asked to fulfill the kidnapper’s demand in around an hour. Bigg Boss announced Dipika as the first kidnapper and she had to kidnap Anup while Jasleen was asked to obey Dipika’s order and do the task if she wanted to save herself and Anup from nominations. To set him free, Dipika asked Jasleen to destroy all her clothes and makeup products as well as chop off her hair to shoulder length. This shocked Anup, Jasleen and other housemates and Jasleen once tried to negotiate but Dipika was in no mood of negotiation.

Initially, Jasleen made up mind of doing it but she couldn’t destroy it all and gave up. When she chose her stuffs over Anup, the couple got nominated automatically and this not-sacrificing behaviour of Jasleen hurt Anup to such an extent that he would he announcing break up of this Jodi, as per promos.

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Twitter has also slammed Jasleen for her decision. Here are some selected reactions:


*now*#JasleenMatharu disappointed Anup.#AnupJalota : Kya Jasleen, Kapdo ke liye?

*Few months later*
Jasleen will dump him.

Anup: Kya jasleen, Young Ladke ke liye?#bb12#BiggBoss12#BiggBoss

— Selfless Kruti (@certifiedKruti) October 1, 2018


I am watching tomorrow precap and Cant stop laughing

Please ! Yaar koi toh batao hasi kaise roko

I mean the way jasleen is choosing Make up and glamour over Anup ji

Its means she was doing drama from two weeks
Lol! Exposed badly

Can’t stop laughing

— KuchRangPyarKAiseBhi (@SMuradulazam) September 30, 2018


#JasleenMatharu : I love #AnupJalota jee and nobody can understand the depth of our love#DipikaKakar : Ok cut your hair to shoulder level and give up make up also to save Anup from nominations.

Jasleen: Oh ab mazaak bhi nahi kar sakte kya#bb12#BiggBoss12#BiggBoss

— Selfless Kruti (@certifiedKruti) October 1, 2018


Aaj #AnupJalota Ji gayenge

ham the jinke sahaare, wo huye na hamare #JasleenMatharu#BiggBoss12#BB12#nomination Task

— Nehha Army (@HinaSaba95) October 2, 2018


#AnoopJalota: Ab main akela hun, Meri koi Jodi nai. Sahi Kiya Sir
#Jasleen never sacrificed anything for him. she got chances but rejected it & sent him for top ki salami, torture room.
And then there’s Anup G who sacrificed his reputation to be with her in the show.

— (@Like_my_likes) October 1, 2018


The fact that Jasleen didn’t even think of Anoop even ONCE during the nomination task says a lot about their true love #Biggboss12

— RB. (@piggy_chopps) October 1, 2018


Anup Jalota: Do you like Makeup & clothes more than me?

Jasleen #BB12#BiggBoss12#BiggBoss#anupjalota@anupjalota#JasleenMatharu


— Beats #BB12 (@BeatS_786) October 1, 2018


This Anup Jasleen drama looks so scripted TBH. Their jodi itself is fake as hell. And Anup ji in devdas mode #BB12#BiggBoss12

— Shal BB12 #TeamNeutral (@SardiKaTheEnd) October 1, 2018


I have a doubt that they
AnupJalota Ji and JasleenMatharu truly love each other If the relationship was true then she’s able to complete the task.

— prabir sen (@prabirsen89) October 1, 2018


Jasleen is using Anup ji to know how to become a fame, how a gentleman like Anup ji was trapped in the trap of Jasleen. #BiggBoss12

— Harshit Barwad (@iamhbarwad) October 2, 2018


Are yar koi kaise Apne makeup n kapdon se itna pyar kar skta hai..I mean Mai apni full life without makeup n ek tshirt me spend kr skti hu… seriously #BiggBoss12#BB12

— Abha Tripathi (@TripathiAbha_86) October 1, 2018


Anup Jalota FC renamed as Jasleen bewafa hai. #BiggBoss12#BB12

— Bigg Boss Fun (@BiggBoss_Fun) October 1, 2018


Aj kpde ka liye anup ji koa choda mtlab kitni jhuti ladki aur uski jhuti pyar anup ji ka istemal kia sirf apne mukam main pouchnke liye

— Brhaman (@Brhaman1) October 1, 2018


Ye ak mahine k liye aaye h uske bad London me ak show h inka wahan jana hai bs colors walo ne TRP k liye bulaya hai scripted hai ….mt vaham palo bahi log..

— Rehan Khan (@RehanKh56724654) October 2, 2018

Do you think that Jasleen should have sacrificed her clothes, makeup products and hair or is her decision right according to you? Let us know.

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