Michael Moore’s Anti-Trump Documentary Pulls a Disappearing Act at the Box Office

Though it had major support from movie critics and the mainstream media, the public is continuing to reject Michael Moore’s new anti-Trump documentary “Fahrenheit 11/9,” a movie that reportedly compares President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

In its second weekend in theaters, the film averaged a paltry $652 per theater — and it has fallen out of the top ten at the box office.

Its estimated earnings for its second weekend in cinemas is only $1.1 million, which brings its grand total to only $5.2 million.

Normally, a documentary filmmaker would be thrilled by these numbers, but remember — Michael Moore is not just any documentary filmmaker.

Moore remains the top grossing documentary filmmaker of all time — followed by conservative Dinesh D’Souza — and Moore’s films don’t get the typical limited releases of other documentaries.

“Fahrenheit 11/9,” for instance, is in a whopping 1719 theaters, which is an insanely high number for a documentary.

To break down the dumpster fire that this movie is even more, Friday night estimates had the film averaging $177 per theater.

That averages out to likely less than 20 tickets sold per theater — based on varying ticket prices across the country. This movie is basically nonexistent to the majority of America’s moviegoing public.

FAHRENHEIT 11/9 DEATH WATCH: Michael Moore’s acclaimed new film is tanking, and fast. Friday box office was just $177/theater, or about 12 tickets. On a *Friday* and despite overwhelming critical support and advertising.@HollywoodInToto@nickgillespiepic.twitter.com/A2DiEIw4Ss

— Libertarian Film (@libertarianfilm) September 30, 2018

And that $177 per theater comes from a Friday night, typically one of the best nights for movies in theaters.

“Fahrenheit 11/9,” by the way, averaged 77 percent positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, while the paying public scored it much lower, with an average of 57 percent.

If these numbers prove one thing, it’s that Moore’s public trust is almost completely gone.

While he once successfully sold himself as the rebellious “everyman” going after big bad politicians like George W. Bush, he’s now been exposed as a manipulative, hypocritical shill for the Democratic Party.

People remember the Obama years when Moore stayed basically silent, even though the former president did plenty that should have angered the supposedly liberal Moore.

He stayed silent and used Trump as a comeback vehicle because he’s a man loyal to a political party, rather than a belief system.

Though his films have become more and more irrelevant, we will unfortunately not be rid of Michael Moore any time soon. He’s already released two movies about the president as well as a flop of a Broadway show — and Moore still has a political television series in development, which will, of course, focus on the current president.

The fact that anyone is even willing to invest in this flop-maker and his movies at this point shows how much easier it is for a leftist, rather than a conservative, to survive in today’s Hollywood.

Watch the trailer for Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9” below: