Rumor: Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Launches Early 2019 – Game Rant

Last month, Nintendo finally announced an game for Nintendo Switch. The reveal was one that fans of the town living franchise had been waiting for for quite some time and many were delighted that Nintendo had delivered. But disappointingly, the announcement didn’t come with any concrete release information as Nintendo only stated that the new Animal Crossinggame would launch sometime in 2019.

A new report now suggests that the Nintendo Switch game will launch in early 2019. The publication LootPots cites an anonymous source who suggests that the game will be released early next year, in either late Q1 2019 or early Q2 2019. This would put the release date in either March or April 2019. The game is also expected to cost €59,99 (equivalent to USD$70 or GBP£53) which is traditionally how much Nintendo Switch games cost at retail.

This information is believable, say some fans, due to the publication’s track record. LootPots‘ founding editor is Pixelpar, someone who previously leaked correct information about the Pokemon Let’s Go games. Pixelpar confirmed the codename for the games (“Project Beluga”), the , the setting of the games, and the Pokemon Let’s Go titles before the official announcement. It would suggest that Pixelpar has the inside scoop on Nintendo’s game development plans.

But, as the publication itself notes, this information should be taken with a “pinch of salt.” The release date has yet to be officially confirmed by Nintendo and therefore isn’t official. It’s also possible that the company’s plans could change or the game could be internally delayed before the release date is officially announced, as is sometimes the case with major titles like this.

Another reason to disbelieve the information is that Animal Crossing games are typically released in November in order to capitalize on the holiday shopping rush. While the original Animal Crossing launched in Japan in April, 2001, the three most recent main series entries have all released in November. In fact, even the spin-off games, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival and released in November.

By releasing in early 2019, it may be a throwback to the series’ beginnings, or Nintendo may have lots more big Nintendo Switch games lined up for the rest of the year. But based on the average release date, an early launch for Animal Crossing Switch seems unlikely. Hopefully, Nintendo will clear things up by making an official announcement soon.

Animal Crossingwill be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch in 2019.