Singapore’s growing technology

Anyone would overlook Singapore as a country island because of its size and population, but surprisingly, it ranks as the 4th richest country in the world and with the richest population in Asia at number 10. This is according to a report by credit Suisse, a leading financial services company that advises clients in all aspects of finance, across the world and around the clock. Well, it seems that the only way to go for the city state is up, as it is slowly emerging as a world tech hub in Asia and a favorite destination for the world’s leading artificial intelligence talent such as Google, Amazon web services, Oracle and Microsoft . For them to have come this far, it has taken its government’s strong support for technology research and policies put in place to facilitate innovation and nurture culture of experimentation, innovation ,risk and adoption of new ideas. Singapore also enjoys the advantage of being a cosmopolitan society.

In 2014, Singapore’s President Tony Tan in his second term hit the world’s headlines as he laid out his government’s plan to improve the lives of his people by making full use of new technologies, to come up with a long lasting and innovative solutions. This giant move would then make Singapore a ‘smart nation’ .A smart nation would bring along safer, cleaner and greener urban living and this would be achieved through encouraging businesses and the public to come up with impactful technology solutions that would address problems in the concerned sectors. Smart nation is coordinated by the smart and digital government office in the prime minister’s office and its key focus is on productivity in business, home and environment, transport, health and enabled ageing as well as other public sector services.

According to Forbes, Singapore embarks on its smart nation initiative, several projects have already been flagged off such as setting up of a center for health care assistive and robotics technology, test beds being set up for smart home technologies in housing and development board estates, and setting up of a committee to aid in a constructive move of acquiring autonomous vehicle (self-driven vehicle) enabled land mobility concepts. Apart from it offering one of the most well educated and highly skilled talent pool in Asia, the rapidly evolving technology has created massive job opportunities for both the locals and the foreigners and has contributed to massive revenue growth in that sector.