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De/Vision – Popgefahr (2010)

Performer: De/Vision Album: Popgefahr Label: Popgefahr. Made in…

Beyond Twilight – The Devil’s Hall of Fame (2001)

Performer: Beyond Twilight Album: The Devil’s Hall of Fame Label:…

Slayer – Hell Awaits (1985) [Reissue 1993]

Performer: Slayer Album: Hell Awaits Label: Fono. Made in Russia….

Chimaira – The Infection (2009)

Performer: Chimaira Album: The Infection Label: Nuclear Blast. Made…

Chimaira – Resurrection (2007)

Performer: Chimaira Album: Resurrection Label: Nuclear Blast. Made in…

Chimaira – Chimaira (2005)

Performer: Chimaira Album: Chimaira Label: Roadrunner Records. Made…

Chimaira – The Impossibility Of Reason (2003)

Performer: Chimaira Album: The Impossibility Of Reason Label:…

Chimaira – Pass Out Of Existence (2001)

Performer: Chimaira Album: Pass Out Of Existence Label: Roadrunner…

Chimaira – This Present Darkness (1999)

Performer: Chimaira Album: This Present Darkness Label: East Coast…

Helstar – Burning Star (1984) [Reissue 1999]

Performer: Helstar Album: Burning Star Label: Century Media. Made in…

Mick Jagger – The Very Best Of Mick Jagger (2007)

Performer: Mick Jagger Album: The Very Best Of Mick Jagger Label:…

Michael Jackson – Thriller (1982) [Special Edition 2001]

Performer: Michael Jackson Album: Thriller Label: Epic. Made in UK….

Manowar – Battle Hymns (1982) [Edition 2000]

Performer: Manowar Album: Battle Hymns Label: EMI. Made in the EU….

Gov’t Mule – By A Thread (2009)

Performer: Gov’t Mule Album: By A Thread Genre: Blues-Rock Year: 2009…

Парк Горького [Gorky Park] – Moscow Calling [Japan] (1992)

Performer: Парк Горького [Gorky Park] Album: Moscow Calling Label:…

5`nizza – Пятница (2003)

Performer: 5`nizza Album: Пятница Label: Partija Records, Гранд…

Manowar – The Hell Of Steel – Best Of Manowar (1994)

Performer: Manowar Album: The Hell Of Steel [Best Of Manowar] Label:…

Ленинград – Аврора (2007)

Performer: Ленинград Album: Аврора Label: ШнурОК Catalog #:…

ДДТ – Песни (2003)

Performer: ДДТ Album: Песни Label: Real Records. Made in RU. Catalog…

Michael Jackson – Immortal [2CD] (2011)

Performer: Michael Jackson Album: Immortal Label: Epic. Made in EU….

Синяя птица – Синяя птица (1977) [Vinyl Rip 24bit/96kHz]

Performer: Синяя птица Album: Синяя птица Label: “Мелодия”. Made in…

Inna – Hot (2009)

Performer: Inna Album: Hot Label: CD Land, RDS Records. Made in…

VA – Dream Dance Vol.54 [2CD] (2010)

Performer: VA Album: Dream Dance Vol.54 Label: Sony Music Media. Made…

Ария – Герой асфальта (1988) [Vinyl Rip 24bit/96kHz]

Performer: Ария Album: Герой асфальта Label: “Мелодия”. Made in USSR….

VA – Dream Dance Vol.03 [2CD] (1996)

Performer: Various Artists Album: Dream Dance Vol.03 Label: Sony…

C.C. Catch – Catch The Catch (1986)

Performer: C.C. Catch Album: Catch The Catch Label: Hansa. Made in…

VA – Dream Dance Vol.01 [2CD] (1996)

Performer: Various Artists Album: Dream Dance Vol.01 Label: Sony…

VA – Dream Dance Vol.10 [2CD] (1998)

Performer: Various Artists Album: Dream Dance Vol.10 Label: Sony…

Jes – Into The Dawn (The Hits Disconnected) (2008)

Performer: Jes Album: Into The Dawn (The Hits Disconnected) Label:…

Дидюля – Фламенко (2000) [Reissued 2006]

Performer: ДиДюЛя Album: Фламенко Label: Kvadro Disc (Russia) Style:…