The Go-To Eye Makeup Look of Your Favorite K-Pop Girls

For K-Pop fans out there alike, we can almost say that we’ve seen it all when it comes to our favorite girl groups. We just can’t help but be envious about how they execute themselves from head to toe. One thing we all know about K-Pop groups is that they are always on trend especially when it comes to their makeup. From gradient lips to glass skin, we’re just waiting for the next K-trend to blow up. And luckily for us, we’ve found it! If you’re an avid fan of Korean girl groups and want to follow their steps to K-Pop approved beauty looks, this is the makeup technique they’re currently obsessed with:

Aegyo Sal

Literally translated as “baby fat under the eye,” Aegyo Sal is a trend in Korea that highlights your eye bags to achieve a youthful look. It sounds eerie to highlight your eye bags when we have a hard time hiding it but these Korean girl groups proved us wrong. This technique is popular amongst Koreans who as we all know are fans of all things adorable. Now how do you do it? It’s easy, you just need a highlighter and contour powder! First, lightly contour your “baby fat” under your eyes and apply your favorite highlighter —the “blinding” the better— on your crease and blend it to look more natural. To achieve a more playful look, you can use glittery eye shadows that will make your eyes bigger and your face more smiley.

Featured Image via @momoland_official

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