The Top 25 Real Estate Agents for Q3 2018– Real Estate Celeb News Blog, JohnHart Gazette

“Grit is that ‘extra something’ that separates the most successful individuals from the rest. It’s the enthusiasm, determination, and stamina that we need to channel in order to stick to our dreams till they end up being a truth.”– Travis Bradberry

You all understand it, the real estate profession is a long-term game, which indicates you require to create and preserve relationships, give value to your network. You require to accept the “give, offer, offer” mentality.Time and time once again, I

ask you to rely on the procedure and believe huge– believe long-lasting. That’s the secret sauce. Nobody individual is better than the other. Those on the top work harder and longer, don’t get discouraged by rejection, and understand that they will be successful.You will see there are a lot of new names in Q3’s Leading 25.

This is so interesting! You understand what that means? None of you can be complacent. Present success does not guarantee future success. If you are not discovering and growing each and every single day, you require to reflect, plan and execute.I saw the way you all worked and I am really happy and thrilled for what the future holds for you and JohnHart.This previous quarter we included new agents, new staff, announced our commercial department, just completed building on a new workplace, and are

near completing another one!If you’re on this list, congratulations! You deserve it. If you’re not on this list, use it as inspiration to go into Q4 with everything you have and more. Put yourself in uncomfortable circumstances. Do things you have not done prior to. IT WILL PAY OFF!So let’s get to it! Please help us praise the Top 25 Realtors for Q3 of 2018: Albert &

Roubina & Raffi Soualian Martin & Mike Melissa Urena & & Associates Cyndi Lesinski & Associates Haik & Lily Nonna & Nadia Rafael Gevorkian

  • Amy Dginguerian

  • Michael Gordon