WTF? Houston Has A SEX ROBOTIC Brothel

We’ve heard that ‘Houston, we have a problem’ many times. This time, it’s true.Technology has advanced to the point that we have the possibility of a whole other kind of brothel.”Possibility “isn’t even the ideal word for it. One will soon be opening in a Houston neighborhood.The Jurassic Park concern reminds us that not every’leading edge’ innovation deserves establishing. Is this one of them?Here’s what type of ‘bots’paying consumers will be debasing themselves with.Trending: Rosie Gay Shames Graham For Sticking Up For Kavanaugh,’F * CK U Closeted Idiot!’Let’s not puzzle the issue. There is nothing‘human ‘about this interaction. The business would have extremely poor service undoubtedly if those

‘bots’ revealed their true faces: Creepy stuff.But it’s entirely legal.They are the new generation of sex dolls- sex bots that react to touch and consist of spoken responses and next week, according to the owner of Kinkys Dolls, its first franchise in the nation will open in

Houston.It will be a place where the dolls can be rented for a half hour and as much as 2 hours.According to the company’s websites for its Toronto operation, consumers select the doll then goes to a private space that’s offered. Source:

ValleyCentral Some are going to state that this is an enhancement since at least women in whorehouses will not be subjected to various demeaning, inhuman, and
health-compromising treatment.Others will argue that this more debases and transactionalizes sexual interaction to the point where the participant

is trained to give no thought whatsoever for the individual on the other side of the equasion, and that this could set brand-new cultural norms and have terrible effects on vulnerable

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