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Hell Fest [Movie Review]

It is October and some people are already looking forward to having Halloween (hello to my friends over the seas). That is not the case for us in Malaysia as there are not so many holidays in the month of October (boo hu hu hu). 
So, yesterday, my friends and I had a small reunion (read: eat coffee movie and eat session) and after a hearty dim sum lunch, we decided to watch a movie, and the only ones that fit into our schedule were Hell Fest. We love a little scare-movie, so why not?
SYNOPSIS The movie started with a group of three teenage girls in a Hell Fest at Orange County. One of them got separated during a scare and ended up being stabbed by a masked guy who has been following her around in the park. She was last seen hanged by the masked guy as if she was a part of the props.

Hello Hell?

Nat is visiting her best friend, Brooke to spend the weekend and realises that Taylor is now Brooke’s roommate. Nat and Taylor do not get along well.
Gavin, a guy that likes Nat has arranged for the girls and their boyfriends to visit Hell Fest with VIP passes. Nat was a bit reluctant but she wants to spend the weekend with Brooke, so she just went along. And she also kinda likes Gavin, so she was hoping to indulge in her fondness towards Gavin.

Hell Fest Trivia

  • Directed by: Gregory Plotkin
  • Produced by: Gale Anne Hurd & Tucker Tooley
  • Distributed by: CBS Film & Lionsgate
  • Running time: 89 minutes

Then come along a guy in a hoodie and there is a negative aura that surrounds him. He notices that a young woman was insulting a park worker. He sets his sight on him and starts to follow her. 
Meanwhile, Nat and her girl group get separated from the guys in the maze. They come across the young girl screaming for her life, claiming that someone is following her and wanting to kill her. Assuming that it was a part of the park’s gimmick, Nat tells the guy in the hoodie that she is not scared and tell him to just get on with the show. The guy stabs the girl in front of Nat before she leaves the scene, feeling funny that the scene was too real. 

Are you my new dentist? 
I love what you do to your walls man – wicked!

After that, she realises that the guy has been following she and her group all night. She complains to the group and they dismiss her complain.
When Gavin looks for a stuffed toy to give to Nat, he comes across the hoodie guy in the storeroom. Gavin is cornered by the guy before the guy smashes his head in with a mallet and steals his phone. He uses it to communicate with Nat.
As the group enters the Dead Lands, they realise that the employees of the Dead Lands are wearing the same mask as the killer guy. That makes Nat jumpy at every sight of the guy in the mask and the scares get real. 

Please! I need to use the restroom, pronto!

Who will survive the Hell Fest?MY REVIEWPlot: 3.0/ 5.0. Just like any other scare movie, the plot is predictable. The group gets separated and killed one by one. But the twist of the movie is at the end of the movie. Not a strong plot and nothing new to see here too. Oh! There is a funny line during the movie when the girls are looking for a way out and decide to enter the Hell instead. Hello! The banner says ‘Welcome To Hell’ and not ‘This way out’. All those money for grade schools seems wasted here.
Cast: 4.30/ 5.0. Although not the first class actors, they are pretty good and deliver their parts convincingly. Except for the stupid line, I was happy with the act.
Will I watch it again: Nah. Not worth it. If I were in the mood for a good scare in the future, this will not be my choice.
All pictures are taken from Google. Thank you.Rawlins GLAM

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