So Uh, WTF Is Going On With The Dunder Mifflin Meeting Room?

If you resemble me, you probably spend way too much leisure time viewing The Workplace reruns on Netflix. I’m not ashamed!I’ve seen every episode roughly 1,000 times– but it wasn’t up until the other day that I recognized there was something very … uncommon about Dunder Mifflin’s conference room. Often it’s organized with a big-ass conference table in the middleof it, like this:

While other times the space is arranged without the table at all– simply a bunch of chairs facing forward, like this: And so, my buddies, the concern is: How the hell is this massive, heavy table getting moved in and out of the room so frequently?Now, prior to anyone shouts at me: I KNOW that some offices have furnishings designed for simple moving. Some tables split up, fold, have wheels, whatever. DUNDER MIFFLIN’S CONFERENCE TABLE IS NOT LIKE THAT! It’s strong wood– that thing isn’t breaking apart or folding

down the middle. Think it has wheels on the bottom? Think again– Kelly Kapoor took her birthday nap under there and there were no wheels to be found. And the door to the meeting room is in fact pretty small compared to the huge table. I’m not saying that it would be impossible to get the table in and out, but you ‘d definitely require a few people and perhaps even some tools to take the legs off. It would be a PROCESS. We know they aren’t simply pushing the table into the back of the room. When the table isn’t in use, it’s no place to be discovered. (And no, there’s no chance they have two various conference rooms, due to the fact that the view out the windows and the art on the walls are the same!) Unfortunately, these cold, tough truths leave us with way more questions than responses. … WHO is responsible for moving the table in and out of the space? And why do we never see them doing it?HOW is the conference space always all set for whatever setup they require

? Think about the number of times Michael Scott has actually ordered everybody into the meeting room”RIGHT NOW!” Is it like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter!.

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> WHERE does the table go when it’s not in use? We never ever see it anywhere in the main office area. And I really doubt it might be saved in the annex– it would have to go through two more sets of doors and a really narrow kitchen area.

Listen. I understand it’s ~ simply a program ~, and maybe you think I’m taking this all a little too seriously.But The Office is normally great at maintaining a sense of reality– it’s rare for there to be lapses in logic like this!!! And I desire ANSWERS.UPDATE: Some commenters

seem to think the table’s legs fold beneath. Here’s another shot of the table’s underside– it doesn’t have those diagonal braces that you normally see with folding tables. Here’s what you ‘d anticipate to see below a table with folding

legs. Case in point : I do not think this table folds, individuals. However anything’s possible! ¯ \ _( ツ) _/ ¯ So what do YOU believe is the handle that conference table? Offer

me your finest conspiracy theories in the remarks, because at this moment I’m ready to consider all possibilities. Thank you.