Twitter Reveals Democratic Depravity with Trending Hashtag

We’ve spoken at length in the past about the lack of decorum in American politics, and just how disheartening it can be.

You don’t have to love everything that any politician does.  In fact, it’s best that you don’t blindly fall down party lines at all.  We are a nation of free people, whose opinions should differ.  The First Amendment wasn’t installed in order to bring instant harmony to the nation or the world – it was created in order to spur dialogues and problem solving cooperation.

What we’re seeing within the “resistance” of the radical left, however, is something else.  The President has referred to aspects of the movement as “obstruction”, and while the term may seem harsh, many are inclined to agree.

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The angst of those who oppose the President has long been ugly, and recent trends of Twitter confirm this.

Typing “kill” into Twitter’s search function currently returns a shocking result at the top of its search suggestions: “#KillKavanaugh.” It’s also currently the third autocompleted suggestion in searches for “ki” and the fourth suggestion in searches for “k” as of this writing.

That’s right — by typing a single letter into search, Twitter is suggesting that its users might be interested in a hashtag about the murder of a federal judge and SCOTUS nominee.

The search suggestion was spotted by Instapundit earlier today and has been confirmed by Breitbart News.

I’m not sure if we should be surprised however; this is the side of the aisle that has produced such grotesquery as Kathy Griffin’s infamous beheading stunt, and Johnny Depp’s uncouth quip about murdering the President.