Tim Allen Skewers Perpetually Negative Cable News on ‘Last Man Standing’

The open question about Last Man Standing’s season premiere — which owned libs by kicking Murphy Brown’s ass in the ratings — was how the show would handle President Trump. Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter was most likely going to be a Trump supporter. But saying the word “Trump” in any positive light is still a television taboo. Flapping breasts are a-okay. Trump positivity is verboten.

Last Man Standing bridged the divide by doing the next best thing: mocking the reactions from insane leftists. Best portrayed by Mike Baxter’s son-in-law.

Ryan: How can you not watch the news when the whole world is going nuts. See? Another breaking news alert.

Mike: It’s almost as if they are deliberately forcing us to stay glued to our TVs.

If you want more evidence media is nothing but an outrage spin machine, look no further than the plethora of Brett Kavanaugh stories.

I see a lot of reporters tweeting this story. NBC actually screwed this up significantly. The transcript of Kavanaugh’s interviews and testimony show he accurately answered the related questions. NBC, for some reason, selectively missed his responses. https://t.co/TeoCxhvzYh

Publish the messages unredacted or shut the fuck up
I do not trust any news org to interpret this story any longer
Show me the fucking receipts or you are full of shit https://t.co/rSYkq5kTtd

Yesterday NBC News ran a story starting with “We can’t verify this story we are about to show you.” Then later in the day, Kavanaugh allegedly got into a bar fight after a UB40 concert where he allegedly threw ice at someone. The most controversial part, of course, being… who the hell goes to a UB40 concert? The rest of it is allegedly a sack of lies.

But back to Mike Baxter, he offers good advice. Shut off the TV. If the news is making you crazy, maybe take a closer look at what media you’re consuming and how often you’re consuming it. Then turn it off! Go outside. Meet with friends. Tell the media to go screw itself and lift some weights. Just unplug for a bit and watch how your mood improves. Don’t get on Twitter to tell us about it. Stay off the net for a bit. Trust us.

It’s too late for some of us. But you can still save yourselves.