WTF Is Incorrect With You?: Guy Does Giant Bike Burnout In Living Space

WTF Is Wrong With You?: Man Does Giant Motorbike Burnout In Living Room

October 3, 2018

Note: The fire alarm that eventually goes off remains in the video, not any place you’re at (when I heard it I was already halfway to the elevator although you’re not supposed to use the elevator in case of a fire however I slouch and a threat taker).

This is a video of some person going for the idiot burnout world record with a massive skid across the living-room. In his own words while I just thank my fortunate stars these guys aren’t my upstairs neighbors or I ‘d have no option however to set my bed on fire and leave:

“When all the women go out for a Friday night together, that leaves all the boys in the house to play. When those boys have motorbikes, it can get a bit chaotic.”

I’m really hoping “all the women” really left for great and not just for a night out on the town. Now I’ll be the first to confess I have some idiotic pals, however I don’t believe any of them are this dumb. Except perhaps Eric. And Brian. No word if these men somehow managed to get their AirBnB deposit back.Keep going

for the full video.Thanks to Christian, who was really hoping that burnout was going to end with a crash through a wall/door/window. The Lunch Feeder: A Remarkable Rube Goldberg Machine That Feeds A Four Course Meal Previous Story Return to Geekologie Return House Nicholas Conrad At

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