Being A Star In Ghana Is Too Expensive ─ Victoria Lebene

Victoria Lebene Victoria Lebene, the Ghanaian actress who is yet to be seen in a motion picture says being an actress in Ghana is damn pricey considering that the Ghanaian film market isn’t expanding as expected.Victoria Lebene who

allegedly ‘milked’ seasoned actor, Kofi Adjorlolo and disposed him is of the view that Ghanaian actors/actresses should find themselves paying tasks to sustain their extravagant lifestyle.Lebene who is currently

a broadcast journalist at GhOne TV stated this in an interview with Showbiz.CLICK HERE For Cheap IT Support & Website Design Solutions

— The Web Guys “No I have actually not stopped acting, there is no chance I will avoid of acting however we

all know the problem, the nation’s motion picture business is refraining from doing too well, and maintaining is a bit expensive.You see, as a celeb, you require to grace an occasion and as such have to look good– the dress

, the shoes, the accessories etc, they all come at a cost. It is expensive to maintain that status so not getting anything from your workplace is not healthy.I for one, I have actually invested so much into my brand and I need to keep it up but where is the earnings therefore the need to look somewhere else to

shore it up?I took a seat one day and thought of my interest in broadcast journalism and I stated why not provide it a try too, to get hectic and earn something more. That is why I am presently at GHOne as a reporter. It is simply another element of me that I am putting to use”, she said.She encouraged her colleagues in the film industry especially the women to look sharp and find a paying job to augment their lavish lifestyle.Source: READ ALSO:

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