Aziz Ansari Blasts Woke Liberals: “At Least I Know Where Trump Supporters Stand”

Aziz has been quiet since the idiot broad who just couldn’t even with Aziz not being Prince Charming, leveled a baseless attack at him. But now the comedian is working out new material on the ironically titled “Working Out New Material” tour. The new material… sounds a lot less woke.

In his latest set, Ansari suggests that collective anger has overcorrected; now, rather than hold power to account, it targets the slightest and least consequential controversies. “Why is everyone weighing in on this shit?” Ansari asked of the Twitter users who flocked to debate whether an American teen-ager’s choice of prom dress constituted so-called cultural appropriation. “Everyone weighs in on everything. They don’t know anything. People don’t wanna just say, ‘I don’t know.’ ”

The amused but progressive spirit that once informed Ansari’s commentary on current events seems to have crusted into suspicion about wokeness and its excesses. Ansari decries the destructive performativity of Internet activism and the fickle, ever-changing standards of political correctness.

Aw snap. Does this mean I have to become an Aziz fan? Because I’m starting to become a fan. I wasn’t planning such a wild occasion for a mostly chill Friday morning.

The comedian positions self-righteous mass outrage as one pole in a political climate built on extremes. “At least with the Trump people,” he joked, “I kinda know where they stand.” On the other side, reacting to our current Administration, are zealous and performative leftists who can’t seem to resist competing with one another in what Ansari calls “Progressive Candy Crush.” This punch line landed as a subtle, if unintentional, reference to a small group of Yale undergraduates who had congregated outside the venue earlier that evening, before the first of the night’s two performances, to protest the comedian’s appearance. “Boycott Ansari’s show,” the description of a local Facebook event read. “What he did, and what it means, cannot be forgotten.”

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. A cultural shift is afoot. We’ve all noticed a trend of some reliable liberals turning more right-leaning because of how extreme the left has become. Think Dave Rubin and Lindsay Shepard. But Aziz is the first from the entertainment industry that I can think of to actually target the liberal outrage culture. Having been a victim of it himself.

And he’s right. Day to day, who knows what the left will find problematic. The left’s mainstream is the fringe. The fringe is the mainstream. So looney are they, even die-hard leftists like Aziz are saying “no mass.” When the left eats its own in its insatiable quest for… God only knows what, those diehard leftists will do whatever they can to survive against the insane mob. Survival may include tilting right, seeking shelter from the mob by defecting to the other side. Hey, our side is better. We eat red meat and stuff our cookies with gluten.

Start of a trend? We’ll see.