Working with Photoshop #1

Danny’s away at the moment so I’m going to steal one of his lines… Photojunction knows it can’t be Photoshop, so doesn’t try to be. It harnesses the power of Photoshop instead. Photojunction works seamlessly with Photoshop, allowing you to open an image or a layout in Photoshop from within Photojunction, work on it, then re-import it back into Photojunction. But how it works depends on whether you’re working with your layouts (what you’re designing) or your images (what you’re designing with), so I’m going to split this topic into two posts. Today we’ll look how to work with Photoshop to edit your images from within Photojunction. The ‘How-to’: Select an image either on your layout, or in your event window, and click the Open in Editor button at the bottom of the Image palette (or by right-clicking on the image). You’ll get three options: – Open original file: You’ll be working on the original high-res file in Photoshop. – Open duplicate file: Photojunction will duplicate the high-res original file so as to not mess with the original  (we recommend this option). – Open cropped duplicate file: Choose this if you’ve cropped the image on your layout, and want to work with just the now-visible part : only the cropped part of the image will open in Photoshop. Select the option that best works for you, follow the prompts, and the image will open in Photoshop for you to do what you need to with it. Once you’ve finished, save and close. Photojunction will re-import that image back into Photojunction and reflect the changes to the images you’ve made. Nice. Tomorrow we’ll look at working with entire page layouts in Photoshop. Until then… Nigel