[Star Weddings] Willie Wai’s Wife Thinks He is a 190% Spouse

TVB star Willie Wai (韋家雄) got married his sweetheart of one year, Keynes Cheng (鄧楚雅), today. When the newlyweds welcomed journalism together with their bridal celebration at the wedding banquet, they asked for Willie to kiss his brand-new bride-to-be for over half a minute.The 53-year-old

actor revealed his love for his wife, who is called as a “flower in the banking industry” due to her beauty. Keynes was smiling very sweetly throughout the entire celebration, especially when the couple fed each other cake and toasted champagne.When asked if he would be consuming a lot today, Willie reacted,”Though I

have a high drinking tolerance, I may still get intoxicated. I purposely picked reputable groomsmen who can consume to complete the job for me!” Keynes expressed that she is not terrified of Willie getting drunk and even offered to consume in his location when necessary.So what brought in the couple to each other? Considering that his partner is more than 20 years younger than him, Willie joked that it was Keynes’looks that mattered the most. The bride had the same answer and even included that Willie is now worth 190 points in her heart. She believes that the number will continue to rise!It was certainly an emotional day filled with love and happiness for the newlyweds. The fun will continue in their honeymoon beginning next week. Along with marital relationship, numerous wondered about their future infant plans. Willie reacted that they like children and will absolutely have kids. In the meantime, he really wants some alone time with his wife.Source: Yahoo.com.hk This article

is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.